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  1. Cobrar

    The Ford GT Returns!!

    The 1967 Mk 4, that is:
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    9 Minutes of Your Quarantine ` Please
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    Next Generations at Ford Motor

    Our former Director of Ford Performance (Henry 3) has assumed a tough role.
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    Passing of a Mustang legend...
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    April Fool’s Day Prank

    Pepsi pulls off another one:
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    Helping Ford find its way back to LeMans?
  7. Cobrar

    Penske buys IndyCar & IMS

    Can’t think of a better owner for the sport or the Speedway!
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    Tommy Kendall draws the honor
  9. Cobrar

    Bill Ford - Celebrating 40 years at Ford

    Bill looks at god highs and lows. Spoiler: And something about LeMans...
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    Ford vs. Ferrari - Film Review

    From the 2019 Telluride Film Festival; interesting perspective...
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    Racing Improves the breed

    All that glitz and glamour with all things racing. But behind the scenes, not always the case. 🏁🏁😂😂
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    50 Years Later

    Celebrating Mans journey to the moon. Enablers from some surprising places:
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    Passing of Lee Iacocca
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    Ford - Hypercar (FIA/WEC) vs. Dpi

    Ford moving in direction to support future IMSA participation.
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    On the eve of LeMans

    Came across this article from 2016; backstory of the 427 engine that powered the GT’s in ‘66 and ‘66. A long but worthy read. Enjoy
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    Edsel II and Ford Racing Congrats Edsel!
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    It’s all about red
  18. Cobrar

    50+ Year Old Concept Car Comes Back to Life

    Restored and updated, the Sahara II is being shown at what is arguably the most influential of cars shows held in Geneva, Switzerland...
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    ‘Confidential’ Tires
  20. Cobrar

    A very thick pair of rose colored glasses.

    IMSA’s Balance of Performance. When old is better than new - or - relevance can be restored...