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  1. GTMD

    Picked up my 06 today

    Congratulations and welcome!
  2. GTMD

    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    Yep and that must have been after Cars & Coffee where I saw you. You're quite a busy guy!
  3. GTMD

    Cool interactive map

    That's cool. Thanks for sharing.
  4. GTMD

    Valkyrie...more magic from MultiMatic

    Agreed. I think I read somewhere that they were planning on building 150 base models and 25 track-only models. Base price was something like $3.2M.
  5. GTMD

    Ford GT mk2

    I'm speechless. Congratulations!
  6. GTMD

    With Shmee on track at Dubai AutoDrome.

    Agreed. Great segment!
  7. GTMD

    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    I agree Ed! Not that I have a vote or anything!
  8. GTMD

    My new Ford

    Great choice! Absolutely love my Nitrous Blue RS. Such a fun car to drive. Enjoy!
  9. GTMD

    27 LITRES....

    That is beautiful! You have mad skills my friend. Nice work!
  10. GTMD

    50 Years Celebration T-Shirt

    Looks incredible! Nice work!
  11. GTMD

    Well hello old timers.......been away for a while as some of you guys know

    Welcome back Mullet!! Glad to see you back!
  12. GTMD

    K250 is Alive and Well

    Beautiful spec! Congratulations!
  13. GTMD

    Acoustic artwork in my garage

    Yes and also a married man's dream getaway! Absolutely stunning.
  14. GTMD

    Did anyone else see this in Hemmings today?

    That is a fabulous picture!
  15. GTMD

    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    That's fantastic. Well-deserved in my opinion. I'll be going again and purchasing a copy for home as soon as it's out.
  16. GTMD

    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Shared our GT with our community last night at the premiere of Ford vs. Ferrari. Theater manager bought the kids popcorn and soda in exchange for displaying the car. Lots of questions and enthusiasm for the car and the movie--they got a big kick out of hearing it start and rev up too. We also...
  17. GTMD

    Ford vs Ferrari movie

    Got the opportunity to go see it last night with my family. Spoke with the theater manager and he was thrilled to have our GT displayed at the front entrance for the night in exchange for free popcorn and soda for the kids. Great movie. The family and crowd really seemed to love it and they...
  18. GTMD

    50 Years Celebration Tumbler

    Just received mine in the mail. They're beautiful and work well. Thanks again DBK!