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    Still Can't Get First Gear

    WOW! Thank you Xcentric!!
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    Still Can't Get First Gear

    Hey all, I know this is an ancient thread but I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue and what the fix might be. ZeroVette described it perfectly although his seemed a bit worse. I've noticed my '06 with 6,100 miles doing it over the past year, getting slightly worse...
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    Just Approved by FORD for a 2020 GT!!!!!

    Congratulations! Fingers crossed!
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    Ford GT Owners Watch

    Oh wow, those are nice! I never saw the box before. What an amazing piece!
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    Electric cars and the impact on the environment

    Ha! Or the flamethrower accessory so you can shoot it out the window and roast the competition at mach 1? Too funny.
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    delivery/production times

    That would be very cool indeed but either way, I'm certain the wait will be worth it!
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    Total production volume for the New Ford GT?

    I couldn't agree more. It had been a couple of months since I saw Ed's car and yesterday I saw another on the showroom floor at Future Ford of Roseville. Seeing that car up close again just reminded me of how damn beautiful they truly are. So much more gorgeous in person than in pictures...
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    Mr. Pagani has good taste

    Yeah, for sure. I guess when you're Mr. Pagani, you can afford to enjoy your NGT as your daily driver! Pretty rad.
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    Mr. Pagani has good taste

    Ha! Love it. Great shot with the Pagani name on the window.
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    Great work! What products did you use?
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    delivery/production times

    Awesome! My window is Jan 2022 - July 2022 also. It's a blessing for me as well. Gives me time to save $$$ but I also suspect the price of the car will likely go up each year. Nonetheless, very exciting to get a semi-firm date!
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    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    Same here Eduardo! Congrats. 3 years out but I'm still taking notes on this thread to learn about all of the interesting aspects of this car.
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    Camilo and Jay Leno

    What a fabulous video filled with lots of great tidbits. Great job Camilo!!
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    12v Accessory ( cigarette lighter ) and Radio Head Unit not working

    Interested in seeing what he discovers. Please post the conclusion ;)
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    Surprise Seatback Pockets

    Can you reach them through the large seat cut outs when they are installed in the car or is there no room?
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    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    What a strange and scary experience! I have a 2017 Focus RS and the display immediately tells me when the key is not detected in the car. It delivers a tone and the display lights up with a red message. I'm certain it's not a deficiency with every Ford but maybe it is with certain vehicles?
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    Rapid Response Racing Documentary

    Looks fantastic! Can't wait to see it.
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    New GT Owner - Black no stripe

    Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the world's best car forum!! Great looking GT!
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    Camilo Additions

    That's killer!
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    What Unusual comments have you had?

    Touché sir! That would really suck to hear.