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  1. GTMD

    Added some color to my "Coal Chutes " !!

    I'm super impressed. Great job Brian! Looks phenomenal!
  2. GTMD

    New pickup trucks

    I, too, have a 2009 Titan LE and it's been a solid workhorse for us. Only complaint I've had is that several of the plastic interior parts (overhead consoles and visors) have failed due to a probable combination of improper installation, heat, fatigue and likely poor design. Otherwise it's...
  3. GTMD

    New GT has arrived

  4. GTMD

    Rally 13 UPDATE.

    This is terribly unfortunate news but, in the end, I suspect it was the right decision. Chip, as usual, thank you for ALL you do for us.
  5. GTMD

    Track video @ M1 Concourse with NGT

    Gotcha! Thanks!
  6. GTMD

    Track video @ M1 Concourse with NGT

    Great video Fred! Congrats! Car sounds amazing. Newbie videographer question: What was your A/V setup to allow you to capture that much of a clean exhaust note without the sound of the wind?
  7. GTMD

    Onboard GT mk II at Laguna Seca

    I can't believe how fast it is either! Amazing!
  8. GTMD

    My day

    Congratulations Terry!!
  9. GTMD

    UPDATE Post 26 - Chance Motorsports Encounter Makes a New Friend

    Wow, what an incredible story Chip! Well done sir! What a heart warming story. I hope you got your CRF250 back too!
  10. GTMD

    Finally own a Ford GT...

    Congratulations and welcome!!
  11. GTMD

    Enjoy this

    Awesome video! Loved the spin out and correction half way through. Got my adrenaline pumping for sure!
  12. GTMD

    I tested POSITIVE for the Covid-19 Virus.. recovering.. 71st birthday today.

    So incredibly glad to hear you are home and recovering Andy. Happy Birthday and thanks for sharing.
  13. GTMD

    Super Cool 1966 Ford GT/Ken Miles Memorabilia

    Wow! That is really something. Very cool Chip!
  14. GTMD

    THANK YOU FORD. a lil bit of different news

    Nice job Ford! Way to set an example.
  15. GTMD

    Merkury Tip

    Gorgeous for sure!
  16. GTMD

    Secret Orange Juice Mode

    Nicely done!
  17. GTMD

    Akrapovic Exhaust

    I'm sold--looks like some high quality stuff
  18. GTMD

    A message from Bill Ford

    LOL! Clever.
  19. GTMD

    Formula One, Drive to Survive on Netflix

    I saw that in there too Gary. I need to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!
  20. GTMD

    L081 Delivered

    Congratulations! Great looking spec.