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  1. timcantwell

    A true Car Guy. Check it Out!

    I ran across this posting in E-Bay. He is truly "One of Us". Read his description...
  2. timcantwell

    Scam Alert

    I thought it would be good to share this story with the Ford GT Community of Friends. My friend, Gus Cho from Chicago, IL sent me an e-mail to let me know that he was recently scammed by a couple of deadbeats who troll the exotic car forums looking for "marks" or "rubes" that they can scam. Gus...
  3. timcantwell

    I am officially INSANE.

    We'll the only REAL way to answer my previously posted question, "Is the ACR worth it?" was to go out and buy one to find out for myself. I ended up taking Bony's advise..."A bird in the hand is worth..." rather than waiting for a 2009. I cut the deal at 2:30 on Friday, hooked up the trailer...
  4. timcantwell

    Is the ACR worth it?

    I just got my 2008 Viper SRT10 Convertible and I am so impressed with the new engineering, I have been absolutely obsessed with the thought of adding yet a third Viper to the collection. I have a solid line on three red and black cars, all exactly the same. I can get any one of them for about...
  5. timcantwell

    Second Viper Added to the garage this week.

    Well, I sold my Shelby Cobra to one of our fellow forum members, and the money was burning a hole my pocket. I wanted to replace the Cobra with something modern and equally fun, in a roadster configuration. I got a really killer deal on a 2008 Viper. I really wanted to get the new motor and...
  6. timcantwell

    Genuine Shelby Cobra 427SC (CSX400) for Sale

    I am putting CSX4902 (Engine CSX 770) up for sale. It is a beautiful car, runs great, but not my kind of car. I am more into modern cars. I am asking $105,000. Pass the word if you know of anyone looking. If there appears to be some interest among our forum, I'll post more pics and more detailed...
  7. timcantwell

    Just in time for the Rally-New Wheels?

    A little cross-merchandising here. Not everyone checks out the marketplace, so I am posting a link to a new set of wheels and tires I am selling, check them out...
  8. timcantwell

    NEW CCW Wheels/Michelins for Sale

    Beach GT bought my wheels. Thanks to the power of the GT Forum.
  9. timcantwell

    I am alive!

    I have received several concerned messages from many of you asking where I have been. I really appreciated everyone's thoughts. I have been EXTREMELY busy since Februray finishing off my house, pool, etc. in Arizona, travelling every 10 days or so between Ohio and AZ to get things done. I also...
  10. timcantwell

    2006 Midnight Blue, No Stripes Any interest?

    I am considering selling my midnight blue, no stripe car. (Way too many cars and too little time!) It has 2944 miles, T/A lowering kit, CCW custom 20" rear and 19" front wheels with Michelin Sport II tires (30 miles on the tires), CoolTech transaxle cooler, Accufab X-pipe, full clear film mask...
  11. timcantwell

    TimCantwell Establishes Western Base

    Nearly all of the Arizona Forum members and many of you already know by now that I just purchased a home in Phoenix. I am sick of the weather here in Ohio during the Winters. Last December DBK, Camilo and Kyle from Ford visited me here in Ohio. Kyle asked me, "Why do you live here, when you...
  12. timcantwell

    2006 FE Coupe for Sale

    I just ordered the 2008 ACR Coupe and decided I would test the waters and perhaps sell my 2006 Blue/White First Edition Coupe. It has 1100 miles, bone stock with 3M clear mask film. I have not used the floor mats, having purchased a second set from Lloyds. It is virtually brand new in every way...
  13. timcantwell

    Blues Brothers

    Since posting pics of "Ole Yeller", I thought some of the Forum members would like to see pics of the "Blues Brothers". This morning I needed to shuffle cars in the warehouse and pulled both out together. With the 60 degree weather today and no rain, I decided it would be a nice day to take a...
  14. timcantwell

    Some custom touches to "Ole Yeller"

    FL Chris asked about my wheels on the yellow car. So far we simply painted the spokes gloss black, added yellow Ford GT logos on the black calipers, did the bumper delete, T&A lowering sleeves, Heffner exhaust, and will add the Heffner pully, tune and Ford Racing short shifter, and added a...
  15. timcantwell

    IS the Economy that bad?

    Lamborghini is optimistic about the U.S. economy. This article appeared in this morning as a report from the L.A. auto show. Check it out:
  16. timcantwell

    New wheels, lowered stance, 14 stitches, two broken fingers, Priceless

    I just installed Alex's lowering kit and my new 20"/19" CCW wheels and it looks great. However, while rolling it off the boards under my two post list, I caught my hand between the spokes and the brake caliper resulting in a trip to the E.R. today. Fortunately, my son Garrett was helping. I got...
  17. timcantwell


    Sema Oct 31st Lunch at The Beach IS CANCELLED I guess some things just are not meant to be. Bony let me know yesterday that The Beach closed their doors. I also just confirmed that I need to be in Las Vegas the entire week following SEMA for a series of meetings that I am hosting, and must...
  18. timcantwell

    Ford GT's Descend Upon Audi R8 on 9/15

    Terry from Toronto (ShesGotLegs) is planning to visit some of us here in Ohio on Saturday, September 15th to "hang-out". One of my motorcyle/Pantera buddies just became the number two guy at Stoddard Porsche Audi and has invited us to see the new R8 and eat some free food, etc. on Saturday...
  19. timcantwell

    Strange, Heat-Related Electrical Gremlins

    Four of us drove our GT's from the Rally on Sunday morning to Las Vegas. We came through 114 degree temps during the trip. Upon arrival, my Heritage Livery car showed some strange signs, likely heat-related. First, my rear window defrost light came on on the dash indicating the heat was on, when...
  20. timcantwell

    Las Vegas Post-Rally Update

    It looks like there will be a couple trucks and several GT's going to Las Vegas after the rally this Sunday. We plan to meet in the Lobby of the Fairmont hotel at 10:00 AM Sunday to work out the logistics and routes. Jamal Hameedi may join us for the drive, as he has a meeting at Shelby the same...