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  1. timcantwell

    2017 50th Anniv. Shelby Super Snake for Sale

    During my period of waiting to order and build my NGT, I got bored and wanted a project. I ordered a brand 2017 new triple yellow premium edition 5.0 with Recaro seats and yellow contrasting stitching interior to Shelby to build a 750HP (91 octane tune) 50th Anniversary Super Snake. All the top...
  2. timcantwell

    Selling my 2006 Yellow GT

    My 2006 GT is up for sale. I have not listed it anywhere else other than this forum. You can read details and view a picture by following the link to our "For Sale" section of the forum below.
  3. timcantwell

    Tim's 06 Yellow GT for Sale

    With the addition of the new 2018, I've decided to sell one of my "older" GT's. 2006 Ford GT for Sale VIN: 1FAFP90S76Y400620 Mileage: 17,030 Color: Speed Yellow with Black LeMans Stripes This meticulously maintained Ford GT was purchased by an avid Ford GT enthusiast collector in 2007 from a...
  4. timcantwell

    Cars on Fifth Annual Car Show

    The annual Cars is Fifth car show benefitting St. Matthews House in Naples, FL was held last Saturday, February 9th. The show attracted over 600 cars and thousands of attendees (in spite of an attendee price increase from $5 to $20 this year). I’ve pasted a link to auto for some very...
  5. timcantwell

    Weird Car show behavior

    OK, I gotta ask....What is the strangest behavior or questions you’ve received while showing your car. Here’s one. I displayed my 1966 GT40, 2005 GT and new 2018 Ford GT at a very high profile car show in Akron at the Goodyear founders estate, Stan Hewet Hall yesterday. We were getting ready...
  6. timcantwell

    NGT Insurance Interesting Math

    Many have asked about, posted and commented on the subject of insuring your New GT. I know that many factors are considered when calculating a premium rate for a car such as the NGT. I thought it would be interesting to some of you to read some email exchanges I had with my insurance carrier...
  7. timcantwell

    1995 Ford GT90 Concept

    How many remember the monster Quad Turbo V 12 Fird GT90 Concept. Interesting article on DuPont’s site...
  8. timcantwell

    J161 production has begun

    Just received my email last evening that my new Ford GT is in the process of becoming a reality. I hope to visit Multimatic in the next few weeks to see it in production. Will post as the process continues. :banana:banana:banana
  9. timcantwell

    To wrap, or not to wrap?

    Like many who have been granted the privilege of ordering a new Ford GT, I still haven't decided on a color. I would like a unique color all my own, but also know that that option comes with a hefty price tag. Any color I choose will require quite a bit of clear bra film work to protect all that...
  10. timcantwell

    Andy Frisella Reviews his new GT

    Check out "I'm your F'n guy's review. Priceless. I can't wait to get mine!
  11. timcantwell

    Superformance GT40 MkII Opinions

    Just throwing it out there for opinion. I've always relished the idea of having an early GT40 in my collection, but not willing to pay for an original (if one could even be had). I am thinking about building a Superformance MkII, paint it red, put a real 427 engine it it, right hand drive, and...
  12. timcantwell

    Here's one way to pay for that New GT

    Italian police arrest 34 in a plot to steal Enzo Ferrari's corpse to raise drug money.
  13. timcantwell

    Incremental costs to MSRP

    I put together a spreadsheet to figure out what options I may be interested in adding to my new GT, and the total cost given various option selections. I have to account for sales tax for the jurisdiction in which I will register the car, as well as the gas guzzler tax and a line item for...
  14. timcantwell

    Ford Announces Commitment to Builf Self-Driving Vehicles

    Mark Fields told a Palo Alto audience yesterday that the company is committed to build self driving vehicles by 2021. Will my new Ford GT have a steering wheel?
  15. timcantwell

    New Ford GT Merchandise

    I was thinking this morning that it would be great if there was a good central source for ordering merchandise items related to new GT logo, images, etc. like shirts, hats, coffee mugs, etc. These would be great to have for all who submitted an application, whether they were selected or not. If...
  16. timcantwell

    Kudos to Ford for their "Process"

    I know that there will be some sour grapes among those who were not selected in the initial round of builds for the new FGT. And for those loyal customers and fans who really wanted a new FGT, I hope that some day you will have your opportunity to buy one some day. Receiving my notification...
  17. timcantwell

    Henrik Fisker unveils Galpin custom mustang

    Check out this design take on the new Mustanf unveiled at Amelia Island. Radical and cool for sure! By full disclosure, I am both a Mustang and Fisker owner.
  18. timcantwell

    Canadian Export Help Needed

    Many of you remember my friend Doug at He just bought a 1966 Mustang from Canada and the broker needs him to supply a manufacturer's affidavit. Does anyone on the forum know how we could get one from Ford? THANKS TO ALL!
  19. timcantwell

    What will Ford Race at LeMans?

    OK, we saw the new GT350R (I for one have to have one, and OH, I will also take another Raptor too!) I for one, still don't know whether Ford will race in the GT class using the GT350R or the new GT. I would be willing to bet that the GT350R will be Ford's weapon of choice at LeMan. Anyone...
  20. timcantwell

    First Production Availability

    Just some speculation, and a "reality-check" for all of us who really desire to own the "NEW" GT next year. Mark asked Bill, "Should we build it?" Bill said "YES". Mark replied, "How about next year?" Bill said......"YES". Does that mean we ALL can get one next year, probably not. I for one am...