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  1. Indy GT

    Transport to 2007 Rally

    Now that the 2007 rally dates (August 1-5) and location (So California) have been posted has anyone started an effort to line up a transporter to ship the eastern cars out to the western coast? Economies of scale if we can fill a truckload out. Any ideas? Bill
  2. Indy GT

    How to remove Std wheel???

    Ok, I'll admit maybe I am missing something here and need the Forum's technical help!!! I am one of the lucky GT's with Standard wheels. I want to assure proper torque on my lug nuts per many recommendations on the Forum prior to heading off to Detroit, but I cannot figure out how to remove the...
  3. Indy GT

    2 New GT's available at MSRP

    1 Heritage below MSRP As an update to this posting- The black GT is gone The listed Heritage is sold as well. Dealer has one additional Heritage, BBS wheels and Macntosh at price below the $173,845 MSRP. If you are looking......they are selling out and only 11 more production days and the GT...