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  1. timcantwell

    My new delivery mileage Ford GT

    Congratulation, Enjoy!
  2. timcantwell

    UPDATE Post 26 - Chance Motorsports Encounter Makes a New Friend

    What a wonderful heart-warming story. I needed that today, it made my day to read your post.
  3. timcantwell

    The Return

    I'm in, assuming more concrete news is offered soon. Many of us need to make plans well in advance. Can't wait, and hope I can make it.
  4. timcantwell

    L0054 delivered 2-3-20

    Congratulations and enjoy the ride, both figuratively and literally.
  5. timcantwell

    The GT's Back From Rich! THANKS!

    Just in time for springtime to arrive. Looks great. Rich is the best.
  6. timcantwell

    New Ford GT unveiling

    Even the photos look like 3D holograms.
  7. timcantwell

    2020 FORD GT. 1969 HERITAGE EDITION. ALLOCATION. I got the call.

    Great news and congratulations. Can’t wait for you to take delivery.
  8. timcantwell

    Tim's 06 Yellow GT for Sale

    Sorry for the late posting. But my Yellow GT sold in August. The car has a wonderful new home in Denver, CO. The buyer is a forum member, but rarely posts, but is very "tuned-in" to our group. I know "Yellow Bird" will live a long and happy life in Colorado.
  9. timcantwell

    New 2006 GT Owner

    Congratulations and welcome to the "experience". The GT is indeed a very special car. Enjoy!
  10. timcantwell


    Interesting viewpoint, some truth there, but obviously clouded by a very biased point of view.
  11. timcantwell


    Dave, rest assured that you can sleep well every night knowing that YOU have always done the right thing.
  12. timcantwell

    Secondary market.

    I also have contemplated the relative “hostility” when one questions the monetary value. My conclusion is that many feel that the emotional “value” and brand or marque loyalty carry much more worth than monetary value.
  13. timcantwell

    Got my build date

    Congratulations Rick! It’s about time, we’ll deserved. Enjoy the ride before and after delivery.
  14. timcantwell

    Daydreaming....thinking about Gold rims.

    Gold has my vote. My black 430 Scuderia has factory satin gold wheel, and my matte orange Huracan Performante has the gold wheel. People always compliment the wheels on both those cars. My red Gt40 MkII also has gold wheels. Go for it!
  15. timcantwell

    Source for Castrol Edge Supercar 5w-50?

    Now I’m really confused. The filter that was removed from my 2018 GT as originally equipped had the following part number: HG70-6714-AA. So will the REAL filter number please stand up?
  16. timcantwell


    Great plate Simon!
  17. timcantwell

    New SPORT car in the stable

    Congratulations that is a great compliment to your Econoline with all the. Odeon features. Enjoy.
  18. timcantwell

    Pro Photos of K135...

    Beautiful car and surroundings. I need to step up from my phone camera!
  19. timcantwell

    My new 'Bird.

    Cool choice. I’ve owned two of them in my lifetime. A BMW 6-Series killer for sure.