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    Opel Gt front clip
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    Getting ready order lifts: width recommendations?

    I have the wide Bendpak with extended aluminum ramps. No problems
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    27 LITRES....

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    Who works on your FGT?

    Kendall and Ryan at Cool Tech
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    New GT Owner - Black no stripe

    Welcome and congratulations. When are you bringing it to Kendall, love to see it, I'm 10 minutes away.
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    I need a new Speedometer.

    Talk to Kendall
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    Fabulous Fords Forever! - April 14, 2019

    Had a pet emergency today, will not be going.
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    Anyone manufacturing safecraft 05/06 fgt extinguisher mounts or have 1 available.

    I believe they're set up to use safecraft extinguisher ($400), I redrilled mine
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    Watch Your Inbox

    There were a lot of deserving people who did not receive an allocation, I feel I'm one of them, however, if the worst thing to happen to me this week was I didn't get the right to spend up to $600K on a car, I think I'll survive. I'll drive my 05 this weekend and feel much better
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    Watch Your Inbox

    So you're telling me there's a chance! Thanks for the feedback
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    Fabulous Fords Forever! - April 14, 2019

    Registered my GT, not sure if I'll be able to make it.
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    Watch Your Inbox

    I have to say the rejection hurts more on day two than day one
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Just out of curiosity how is attrition handled? was there any in the first allocation?> Thanks,
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    Watch Your Inbox

    Same here, congratulations to those selected
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    New Ford GT allocation

    Just curious (maybe I missed it), any idea as to how many applications were submitted this round?
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    Los Angeles tech? Electrical issue.

    Kemdall is his twin, see Kendall
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    Los Angeles tech? Electrical issue.

    4 votes, Kemdall
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    Ran out of fuel, says 3/4 full...

    The Autometer small gauges run around $225-$245 if I recall. Much cheaper than OEM