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    Cars and Coffee Ford PAG Photos 1/31/09

    Great pics - thanks for sharing. Was on my agenda, but I ended up going to a car show in San Juan Capistrano instead (entered my car). Of course, I didnt take my camera (darn it). There was about 400 cars at this show.
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    2010 gt500 is badass!!!

    Will have to wait to see one in person before I decide for sure :) The pictures I am not so sure about yet.
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    Caddy or Dodge Electric car.....

    Hey - those are BOTH pretty hot looking cars. I saw the Dodge at Cars and Coffee probably 2 months ago. Looked like something I could be seen in :) I am sure that for both of these cars, price will a difficult barrier to overcome. As more and more E-Cars start hitting the road, and companies...
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    Targa NZ

    More on the race here also: Enjoy :) Page
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    USS New York - Lets NEVER Forget

    A good friend of mine sent me this today. USS New York It was built with 24 tons of scrap steel from the World Trade Center. It is the fifth in a new class of warship - designed for missions that include special operations against terrorists. It will carry a crew of 360 sailors and 700...
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    What if 20 Million Illegal Aliens Vacated America

    I heard on the radio the other day (KFI) that the Mexican government is now getting worried - more and more illegal's are returning to Mexico - they are having difficulty dealing with the influx of their own citizens. The thought is its because housing starts here are way down - much less work...
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    08 Gt500

    Hey there, Only "rare" in terms of number of them built compared to the regular Mustangs. Roughly 8,000 GT500's for 2007 (at least another 8,000 for '08) - compared to nearly 130,000 other Mustangs. You are right though - I dont see the GT500 ever being the collectable car that past Shelby's...
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    08 Gt500

    Hey there, You can find them at MSRP - sometimes. ADM is still there though - usually around 5K Page
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    Dodge Challenger vs. Shelby GT500

    Hey there, HAVE to ask - was this dealership in Irvine by chance? :) Page
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    GT Clutch Explosion

    Not only low mileage slightly adjusted tranny, but from what the post says - highly abused :)
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    GT Clutch Explosion

    HAD to post this here - from another forum. Page
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    Saleen Store Closed

    Just called Sallen and asked for the number to the store in the Spectrum - was told its currently closed. I asked what happened - and the guy said he isnt sure - might be remodeling or something. A while back I spoke with someone from the store (someone I know - was in a management position...
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    New clutch

    Its cause I wasnt there watching over the cars ya know :)
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    New clutch

    Hey Steve, Page here - sorry you had that experiance at the dealership :bang Hope it all worked out well for you in the end. Page
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    I placed an order for a GT500 today!

    Ford hasnt done Sonic Blue for I think 3 years or so. Sonic Blue has more of a purple hue to it. The only blue the GT500s are offered in is Vista (dont think they are even available in Windveil - which is much lighter).
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    Ford GT wheels

    Looks like they have the prices mixed up. The 6 spoke wheels were the standard wheel - the 10 spokes are BBS wheels (which are normally closer to $1000-$1200 each). I would kinda wonder about a 10 spoke GT wheel that sells for $300.99 Just my $.02
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    Future Ford GT Super Car

    Did it look kind of like this one? :)
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    More power for -8 GT500 ?

    Nope - no more horsepower - same car as the '07 engine/trans/body wise. Added HID headlights and ambient lighting. I believe thats the only changes. Doesnt take much to get LOTS more power though :thumbsup I am sure we can help you with that : :party Hope that helps some Page
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    Warranty Voiding

    The only thing I would caution regarding all of this is that Ford may look at causal components. I just came from a Ford dealership – and as an example, Ford is getting tough on Super Duty customers who have lifted their vehicles over 6” or with tires over 35” in diameter. The thought is that...