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  1. thegtguy

    Merkury Tip

    Few more pics.
  2. thegtguy

    Merkury Tip

    With all of the doom and gloom going on we thought we should take a minute and thank everyone in the medical field and anyone else helping with this pandemic. We also pray for anyone that is fighting the Covid 19 virus. Hopefully this will lighten things up for a little bit and here is our...
  3. thegtguy

    Shelby Bash 2020

    We had left around noon and made it to Dayton, OH and heard the news. Turned around and back home now. Bummer. Now working on cancelling everything. Good news is we put another 400 miles on the Black, frame swap car, with no issues. And taking it easy on the highway it got almost 23mpg...
  4. thegtguy

    Hidden dangers of buying low mile car?

    Very interesting thread going on here. I will have to chime in on this one. So, the main question is “What is the risk of buying a low mileage GT?” Answer: A LOT Just like any other car the basics, mileage, condition, maintenance, maintenance records, leaks and so on. For the GT specific...
  5. thegtguy

    Billet clamshell vents

    New costs. Just want to get them off of the shelf.
  6. thegtguy

    Shelby Bash 2020

    Looking forward to seeing many GT friends there. Last I heard there are about 20 GTs (new and old) signed up. My cars are prepped and ready for the drive out. Just hope the weather is good leaving MI. Camilo sent me the artwork he did for the event and he will be attending with his 2017 GT...
  7. thegtguy

    Shelby Bash 2020

    I have always wanted to Road Trip across the country (like Jeff, Terry, and Ralphie) in the GT and this sounds like a good excuse. My brother and I might bring my Lunar 4 and my newly finished "parts car, Frankenstein". Maybe we can get that "Iron Butt" or something like that award. Might be...
  8. thegtguy

    How can you increase supercharger wine?

    There is always something that can be done if you put enough work into it. This will definitely make the s/c whine inside the cabin, especially with the AL tube. The carbon tube doesnt make it as loud but you can still hear it. At Rally 6 in UT many guys thought my car had a TT on it but it...
  9. thegtguy

    Building roll cage for 2005 Ford GT - any tips on joining mounting points to aluminum frame?

    Hi Jim, Feel free to drop by and check out the Workhorse #5 I have here. You can see how Ford directed us to build the cage for all of the test cars. I have seen a few other "cages" over the years and they would have been better off not having anything there. One of them was bolted to the...
  10. thegtguy

    More air tunnel mesh covers?

    Another batch of 50 is just about done. I have a list to where half of the next batch is spoken for but if you need a set send me an email
  11. thegtguy

    Billet clamshell vents

  12. thegtguy

    Billet clamshell vents

    These are John's billet, custom vents that I do not think are available anymore. $1200 shipped anywhere lower 48 states. If you want them painted or powder coated I can do that too for anther $450.
  13. thegtguy

    K250 is Alive and Well

    Thank you for letting me do this "ECP caliper option";);) to your new car. Pictures don't do the car color justice but here are a few pics of the process. I bought brand new calipers and painted them gloss black. Then we "masked off" the Brembo, painted them Speed Yellow, then clear coated...
  14. thegtguy

    Aero Screens for 2017 GT Send me an email and I can get a set out to you.
  15. thegtguy

    More air tunnel mesh covers?

    If you have not received an email or PM from me today, they are not going out in this shipment. Still have a few left. Send me an email if you need a set.
  16. thegtguy

    More air tunnel mesh covers?

    Yes I have 30 sets ready to go just waiting on the foam separator pieces which I was promised would be in this week. I have a list of emails, texts, and calls that I will be answering shortly on when they will ship out.
  17. thegtguy

    Ford GT Owner Hospitality at Petit Le Mans - The Finale

    The follow up to my post in the General Discussion if anyone is bringing their 2005-6 GT to Petit LeMans and would like to get the airbag recall done there, send me an email and I will see if we can get parts in time for me to do them at the event. Either at the hotel or at...
  18. thegtguy

    Airbag recall by GTG

    Ok Forum friends. I have been asked by the “powers at be” to help with the getting as many air bag recalls done on the 2005-6 GT that I can. I have been doing them locally, and in my shop, for a few weeks. While I still have a lot of work at my shop I am looking to help out more, so I am looking...
  19. thegtguy

    Cars & Coffee, Powered by LaFontaine Sept 14 Public · Hosted by M1 Concourse

    Lets hope the weather is good and the latest message from M1 about Saturday: We would recommend that all Ford GT's arrive at 7:45am sharp at the main private entrance located here: 1 Concourse Dr, Pontiac, MI 48341. This will allow us ease entry for you and parking for us.
  20. thegtguy

    Clamshell Secondary Latch Release Bar

    So sorry, I have been having phone issues lately. Please send me an email and I can send out a set on Monday.