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  1. soroush


    dont know if this is a repost but worth a look...
  2. soroush

    gt40 lego movie

  3. soroush

    center console trim for non-Mac

    anyone have one of these they would like to sell?
  4. soroush


    I was bored so I got to work wrapping the whole underside of the NGT
  5. soroush

    Magnetic battery charger

    have this on some of the other cars, it is a great way to connect the charger to your car and if you should forget and drive off it simply disconnects without tearing anything apart. also no more opening the back every time you want to connect the charger for 2019 cars and or opening the front...
  6. soroush

    69 BOSS 302

    here is a little symphony composed by Ford motor company circa 1969
  7. soroush

    hydraulic suspension

    vid of the actuator at work
  8. soroush

    whats really under the belly pans of a new GT?

    just like when I was a kid I couldn't wait to take my toy apart to see what makes it tick.
  9. soroush

    looking for a small block ford

    Looking to buy an already built small block ford roller engine will consider short block or long block storker 4 bolt motor preferred but willing to consider other options. its going in my 93 fox body so it will have to be a roller block.
  10. soroush

    Superformance 'Future GT Forty' with turbocharged V6 coming to SEMA Show
  11. soroush

    ppi in bedford Massachusetts

    Anyone live close enough to look at a car for me or know anyone that can please pm me thanks
  12. soroush

    Anyone see this?
  13. soroush

    bubble car collection
  14. soroush

    bargain find of the century personally I think he is related to the garbage can gauge finder guy myself...
  15. soroush

    clear bra

    so I needed to practice my clear bra technique and get used to working with expel since it is the film most are putting on their new GT. What better way to practice than on another car. This time I chose my SLS to be the guinea pig. I did the full front of the car including full fenders hood...
  16. soroush

    headlight scratches

    Reading the thread about replacing the toggle switches was exactly what I need to light the fire under my bum to get some work done on the car and do a little write up myself. so for the longest time I had some really nasty scratches on the headlight of my blue car and I finally decided to do...
  17. soroush

    car wax

    Well after I found out they had free shipping on these I had to get two. is this really a thing? do people actually buy this stuff? some of the comments are funny
  18. soroush

    they're starting to surface....
  19. soroush

    new apparel

    No judgment here if you decide to order one :)
  20. soroush

    Rally 11

    I wanted to start a new thread because I wanted most of the people that I spoke with during the rally to check it out and I didn't want this comment that I have to make to go unnoticed, I would like to thank everyone that had a part in setting up the rally and also everyone that participated...