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    Possible gauge protection solution

    was there any further progress on the dc-dc converter? or is the original "fix" good enough?
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    Stress cracks in 27K mile, 0 Stories 05 GT

    Looks like stress cracking of the panel at the compound curve when you get lateral movement. The "arch" is flexing. If it was a flat panel would have flexed but because of the wrap-around it cracks. Seen this on older corvettes that are raced. My 2 cents worth
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    Ford GT to be priced "Near Aventador"

    Price???? imagine being a Canadian with our 70 cent dollar! That really hurts. Ford should have a special deal for us.
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    Historic Ford GT Videos

    Have you ever come across the video Ford made of how they did the body parts and the process they go through to do the painting? If you do please let me know because it is one of the best videos I have seen from a car company.
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    New GT effect on Values

    Quick question - what was Ford's reason to stop production so quickly in 2006?
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    Oil Change price

    I do my own oil change because that is only one of the maintenance items you find. There is a lot you learn on how your car is doing when you take off the pans. Manifold heat shield bolts have been found on the pan, trans oil vapors, checking the AC system, rubber heat shield foil starts to cook...
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    Inane Ramblings: The Ford GT and Ferrari Lust

    I was always afraid that I was going to break something on the Ferraris or Lambos. This would mean shop time at the best time of the year. I now have a car who's weakest link is between the tires and the road. It's a keeper!
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    Ricardo Transaxle Fluid Help

    Has anyone ever used a transmission additive to enhance shifting when cold or very hot? I get a sticking problem when my tranny is hot and I am shifting into reverse.
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    Ford GT Media Videos

    In late 2005, Ford made 2 videos - one on the complexities of how the car was painted and the other on how the car was built. They were excellent videos of abou:confusedt 5 min each. I have contacted Ford but to no avail. Any one know where I can track them down?