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    Build your own Ford GT40 in 1/8 scale

    Yes, I recall the same. Back in the day, in order to offer some semblance to the road/street going counterpart, the race cars required a passenger seat, spare tire and luggage space.
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    Build your own Ford GT40 in 1/8 scale Pretty cool. Hope this link works for you guys.
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    Ford GT mk2

    Wow so cool! Enjoy it!
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    Insufficient privilege to post in certain areas

    I have the same issue but can’t get answers after reaching out to the contacts of this site. Hope it problem can get resolved. Thanks.
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    Great review on the 2005/2006 GT
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    Airbag recall by GTG

    Email sent Rich. Let me know if this is possible, thanks.
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    Matech GT3

    Great presentation. One dealer I wouldn’t mind visiting!
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    If there are forum problems...

    Sorry gang for repeating this, but for some reason I still have insufficient privileges to reply in the For Sale section. I’ve asked numerous times about this to the website owners directly with no reply. And I can’t find anything anywhere in the site that can tell me what I need to do to post...
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    All In The Family

    Very cool,
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    turning photos into art

    Nicely done. A touch of “vintage” in each drawing.
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    K107 delivery!

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    Getting a Pista this week...

    Congratulations. Beautiful collection you have and glad to see the cars getting used!
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    New toy while waiting on my GT letter

    Boss 302 is one of the best sounding small block V8s of all time. And they handle great. Miss mine. Enjoy!
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    Photo and private message.

    I still have insufficient privileges to reply in the for Sale section. Can anybody provide me with a resolution? I had these privileges before the new site went live. Thanks.