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    M048 Delivery Day

    Thanks Keith very much! Great spec on your GT. The color reminds me a lot of Liquid Red where it changes quite a bit in the sun. Very cool. Great day and trip meeting everyone!
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    Introducing M019, 2021 Carbon Series NFGT

    It looks so good in your garage!!
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    I always liked those. My dad had some hopped versions when he worked for Ford in England; Cosworth Sierras. They were quick!
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    Thanks Stefan! Yeah the Badlands pkg in the Bronco Sport is awesome. Tons of power. I really like the front seat comfort also in these. Hopefully you can take it on some off road adventures!
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    Introducing M034 Liquid Red GT

    Thanks Bill for choosing myself and Pat Milliken Ford! It’s no secret that Liquid Red is my favorite stock color. When that hits the sun it is unreal! Your spec with the black wheels looks fantastic. It was nice seeing Gary, Donna and Stephen at the delivery! I had a great few days out there...
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    Thank you Ford GT Forum! Welcoming M007 2021 Daytona Heritage on a sunny day in Southern California.

    Thanks Randy for using us to complete your GT purchase! It was great catching up, meeting the family and having a great dinner with some incredible views. First 2021 Heritage for us and man that GT is spectacular in person. So much work must go into that one with all the exterior details. The...
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    Factory car covers are back

    Hello everyone. We can order covers for anyone that is interested! Price is $750. Also a reminder that we offer parts/accessories discounts to customers that have bought a GT and/or serviced through us! Let us know. 😀
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    Introducing M019, 2021 Carbon Series NFGT

    Clint that color MkIV red looks so good on the new GT. Really came out awesome! I can’t wait to bring it out to you! Looking forward to seeing your collection also. Thanks for using and trusting us to finalize your delivery. Garen is working on your custom print and I will bring it out with...
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    Choosing a dealer?

    Hi! I would love a chance to be your GT delivering and servicing dealer! I just left you a voicemail. And thank you all for the nice comments! :)
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    2017+ Tunnel Screens FS

    I will text you RIch's number. He is expecting your call. :)
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    The Bronco Thread

    Anybody see the Area 51 paint in person? I am torn between that and Cactus Gray. My favorite is Area 51. I will text you pic of a Cactus Grey that I was around recently.
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    L259 Delivered 0900 on 1/20/21

    Thank you very much for the business Bob! I had a great time and it was nice going out for some great meals together. I love the fact that you drive your cars a lot! Looking forward to hearing from you once you drive it! Enjoy your new GT :)
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    The Bronco Thread

    If anyone isn't happy about how they are getting their info or being treated we would love to have your business. Being here in the Detroit area i feel we can give you the strait answers and make the experience great. BTW, X plan is not eligible and A/Z plan isn't eligible on First Editions...
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    Presenting MKII #13...

    Congrats! That looks awesome!!
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    Car Cover