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    Syncro issue, Ford GT 05

    We are right next to John Wayne airport.
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    Syncro issue, Ford GT 05

    Unless something has changed and another company has been trained, we are the only company in the world that has been trained by the engineers at Ricardo to work on the Ford GT transmission. The good news, we are in Costa Mesa, CA. As Kendal has mentioned, it would be good to know if there was...
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    Penske coil over reservoir brackets

    Many of you may know that we offer a billet aluminum mounting bracket for the Penske coil over reservoirs. We recently decided to go through and see if we could make something a little bit different a little bit nicer. So, we came up with the much easier to install, two piece design. This...
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    STILLEN Ford GT back in Targa competition!

    Hi John! I did see your name on the registration sheets for the Leadfoot Festival. My Uncle has set up quite the show there and I hope to make it down for that some day!
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    AP clutch travel

    I have forwarded your inquiry to my techs to get some clarification. With that being said, one of the benefits of the clutch is the reduction of the required pedal travel. From the factory these cars require around 3 inches of pedal travel. Our clutch only requires about two inches. With...
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    STILLEN Ford GT back in Targa competition!

    We don't have any plans on heading back to Targa New Foundland unfortunately. It was a cool part of the world, and good fun but the scoring system ruins it for us. Steve managed to set new stage records yet they told us we didn't meet our "goal time" for those stages. That rally is well...
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    STILLEN Ford GT back in Targa competition!

    Yea, sorry I was just agreeing with you. Here is another picture in the New Zealand Herald...Little bit of opposite lock:
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    STILLEN Ford GT back in Targa competition!

    Correct, we do not run the A/C condensor or the A/C pump. We just have a pulley that takes the place of the pump. Also, we do have little wicker blades directly behind the front vents which help pull the hot air out of the vents. Another thing that helps is racing the car in New Zealand...
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    STILLEN Ford GT back in Targa competition!

    I thought you guys might like to see that Steve brought the STILLEN Ford GT out for a blast in the Targa Bambina New Zealand this past weekend. Some of you may remember when we raced our GT in Targa New Zealand a few years ago. Targa New Zealand is a 5 day tarmac rally where all types of cars...
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    Check Engine Light Petition

    I had a long post about this then got timed out apparently and lost it all... Long post condensed: If you want to know what code your vehicle is throwing, go to the local Pep Boys and ask to borrow their scan tools. They have been loaning them out for years. My problem with people getting...
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    California bound

    Kayvan- my girlfriend is a leasing consultant for Irvine Company. If you need any assistance shoot me an email.
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    Have you ever seen a women driving a ford gt?

    Here is a funny video of Steve's wife driving the GT back to cars and coffee when a couple of younger guys pull up next to it and realize it's a woman driving. Way too long of a video but funny around 1:25 when they pull next to the GT
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    Steve Millen review: Ferrari 458 Challenge car

    A few months ago Road and Track magazine asked Steve Millen if he would mind traveling to Italy to test the Ferrari 458 Challenge race car for them. Here is the story. Steve has had a pretty fun 2011 so far. Earlier in the year he took the Ford GT to a sprint race meeting in New Zealand and...
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    Clutch Change...

    Thanks for the testimonial Bill. As it has been mentioned, our stage 1 street clutch has been used in everything from showroom stock cars to high horsepower twin turbo cars. From what I've heard Mr. Sims knows how to hustle a car around a track so the fact that he is so happy with the...
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    Need more HP? How about some Ram air intake block off plates?

    We experienced exactly what others have mentioned with our car. Steve and one of our techs were out driving the car after some work had been performed one day. They pulled up to a stop sign and were sitting there idling watching a few of the parameters on the scan tools. All of a sudden, for...