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    Mr. Pagani has good taste

    I was in Italy in December of last year. I got a chance to visit the Pagani factory and museum and it was very impressive. As I drove away from their facility I noticed Horacio's Heritage GT parked out back. Very impressive that he was driving his GT on a day when it was in the 20's and had...
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    Big Block Raptor

    Cool old school motor and lots of power potential for sure. But it would add a lot more weight to the front of the Mustang and or Raptor.
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    Cant wait for the new GT500

    The new GT500 looks great in person. The carbon wheels and rear wing are beautiful. Got to sit in it today and was impressed. I loved my GT350R and this one will be even more special. Get one if you can.
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    Miller Motorsport Park aka Utah Motosports Complex News

    Of course they will be in operation and dont take my comments as an indication that the school is nothing less than a VERY well run operation. They may or may not relocate to another track at some point in the future. Personally, I hope they stay in Utah. You will have a blast!
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    Miller Motorsport Park aka Utah Motosports Complex News

    The track is not going anywhere but the Ford Performance Driving School may or may not stay in Utah. The director of the school is a good friend and it all depends on the new owners of the track as to if the school will remain there. Personally, I had a blast at the Ford school and greatly...
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    See You on the Other Side
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    Congrats and looks incredible! Sorry I could not join in on the festivities!
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    Ford GT Heritage Dyno Test

    Ed, sounds good. Had dinner with your neighbor DQ and his wife along with Sanjay this past weekend in Austin. He is a huge fan of yours!
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    Ford GT Heritage Dyno Test We just completed the first oil and filter change and had the belly pans off the car. So our guys decided to put it on the dyno. Pretty strong power at the wheels in my opinion. Our senior calibrator looked at the stock tune and logs and believes...
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    Morning run in the GT with a 720

    720S is a remarkable car. Its a supercar that can be driven by my 82 yr old mom. Its ridiculously fast and does it effortlessly. But I find my GT more exciting and engaging to drive.
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    Chip Beck & Blue Moose are Nationwide!

    If you come across I-10 near Houston, pls stop by to say hi. We are at exit 713 and open 8-5.
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    It's Getting Real Now!

    Congrats Tim!
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    GT at the ring ??

    I disagree.