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    Another One...

    Jesus these things are freaking beautiful!
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    Moduline Cabinets

    i went with Equipto cabinets throughout.
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    Thursday February 16th, 2017

    Overwhelmed with joyous jealousy for every one of you that are getting one of these cars. I won't be unfortunately...but am still in a state of rapture that I have the '06 Heritage that I do. Can't wait to see these cars in person. What a beautiful Marvel!
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    Preparing for a lift

    I had each LiftMaster Sidewinder plugged into a socket with a seperate switch on each. That way I could cut power to either whenever I wanted. Going away? slide the lock and turn off the power.
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    All Ford car show today

    I gotta admit, His red car shines up real nice and he always keeps it in perfect gloss.
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    Rally 11 Poster

    Man, Thats a really nice poster for this year!
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    All Ford car show today

    Ed and I were at that show a few years ago with the GT's. His Red one took first place and my Heritage took second.I guess resale red is a favorite.
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    3 prototype Ford GTs ticketed in Colorado

    My wife called me from Aspen this morning. She had heard about the :"Bust" from one of our neighbors who owns several supercars.
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    Takata airbag recall

    Ernhardt Ford here in Chandler AZ originally said that they'd see about coming out to the house to do the replacement. Both myself and a friend are on the up list for the repair. three weeks ago we gave them a copy of the recall repair notice. they said they had to have that in order to order...
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    Watch Your Inbox

    I didnt apply because I knew that I wouldnt be able to pull it off even if selected. Business hasnt fully recovered from our great recession yet. But I gotta tell ya, I am so damn happy for everyone who got accepted! I'm excited that it includes so many are Forum members. I appreciate that Ford...
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    Can anyone share the time senstive docs

    negotiate????? LOL!
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    Fchat has their views on BOP

    The field of conspiracy theorists is alive and well both in the Ferrari and Corvette worlds.
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    Ford GT Owner VIP Hospitality at the 2016 24 Hours of Le Mans

    Now there's a banner I'd like to see hanging floor to ceiling in my garage!
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    BoP? Where was it?

    I'm in agreement too. I get the reasoning but it yields too much opportunity for pure subjectivity.
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    Parade lap

    What an awesome experience! Jealous that I didn't get to make it but even more thrilled for those who did! Sooooo veeeery cooool!