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    New Source for Clamshell & Bonnet Gas Struts

    Kendall, if not too late, I'm in for a set of front and rear. thx! Ed
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    All Hail the Streetable Race Car

    Eddie That's just too cool!!! Nice. Ed
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    2.7 miles!!! That's heaven!! We did the 1 mile and 1.3 miles at the Mojave Airport. Good speed, and congrats! Ed
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    Watch Your Inbox

    For this allocation, are there 3 types of letter like the last time: 1. the congrats; 2. the waitlist; and 3. the thank you, but no? Unfortunately, I rec'd the #3 letter again... Therefore, if there's a type 2 letter, I'd think, the attrition will to those with the #2 letter.
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    Paybacks are a bitch

    Do NOT ever let your wife see this post, or all you goodwill you supposedly have earned from this "ordeal" will be written-off...., just sayin.... Yes, good man, indeed!!
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    New Ford GT allocation

    ahem..., I heard April 1st....! ;)
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    Happy Birthday skyrex !!

    Happy Birthday, Tom!!
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    The Grand Tour Season 2

    This would be their final season, right? I recall their deal with Amazon was for 3 seasons. Wonder if the ratings warrant an extension.
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    New Heritage in the Wild

    Damn...., my knees are are getting weak looking at this!
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    The 2018 G.T. 350 Tour -- 22 Vintage Shelbys in the Adirondack Mountains

    Great write up and fantastic pictures. Thank you for sharing your experience! Best read of the day for me! Cheers, Ed
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    Los Angeles tech? Electrical issue.

    kendall would be your source in So Cal.
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    Gen 2 Ahlman Engineering Ohlins

    Your advise is appreciated. Does would I know if my existing set of dampers/shocks should be replaced? I don't see any visible leakage, and although I haven't tracked my GT for the last ~3 years, the ride and going around back road corners don't seem to be suffering or deteriorated. When my...
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    NFGT Round 2 Application Question

    Joe, I had same problem yesterday; I was pulling my hair... At the end, I decided that each time I "expand" each section to review or edit, I would re-click Save & Continue, and when I got to the final "submit" step, I expanded each and every one of of the previous section to re-click Save &...
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    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    Hmm, same here. The last section where applicants would provide additional info for consideration allowed me to delete but not for add/edit.
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    Application for New GT's Coming in November???

    Help on application! One of the questions: "How many vehicles are in your collection?" And, the applicant is to list 3. The question is do I include the Ford GT as one of the cars in the collection, and list the GT as part of the 3 cars info being asked to provide? Seem redundant since at...