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    Are these the 2 correct tire sizes? Need to order a set.
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Went for a drive with a GT40 and a T-Bird. Weather is great for cruising this time of the year. Joined the 10,000 mile club with this drive.
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    2005 GT Steering Wheel

    Has anyone tried this decal?
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    GT500 Allocation

    Great to know thank you will pass that on.
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    GT500 Allocation

    My buddy just put a deposit down on a GT500 on the west coast. Should arrive at the dealer in about 2 weeks. And then he has to ship it all the way back to Wisconsin.
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    GT500 Allocation

    Looking for a no ADM GT500 allocation for a good friend. Not looking for a "Golden Ticket". Please PM me if you have any leads. Willing to wait for a 2021.
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    Serious Damaged GT on IAAI asking 165K
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    My new no-stripe Tungsten GT! (a.k.a. Paul, Brian, and Rich's excellent adventure)

    😎 car looks great. Now the long wait begins. love having the big orange truck show up in the neighborhood.
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    Got one

    No issues with the Bridgestone's and the computer. Way better tires than the GY's. If you are going to drive the car I second you should spend the money now to do a clear bra.
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    Wrapped my yellow car.

    Car looks great. Love the look of the Xpel Stealth film on the GT.
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    Anyone want to guess what the 2021 Heritage livery will be?

    Does anyone know the total number of cars (standard and special edition)they are building per year? How many cars have they delivered so far?
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    New Owner 2006 GT

    Congratulations they are great drivers cars... Too bad the snow is on its way.