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    Battery availability and cost

    Just replaced my 1st sears replacement with a new optima red top. Got 20% off oreilly, $170 something. Instead of the voltmeter running far left to the red zone on start, barely moves 1/4 to the left. Had one or two meter failures on start last couple of weeks, fixed with restart.
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    What is the best time to run the Pacific Coast Highway? I’m looking to go, with whoever wants to join, in the new or old GT or any vehicle. Info on side trips and canyon roads would be greatly appreciated. Anyone else interested? Wine country stops probably required. I recall that Sonoma was...
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    300 mph club

    First there was the two hundred mph club, now the three hundred club. Where does it end? Who is with me in the Mach 2 club?
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    Updates on your 2005-2006 Ford GT, What have you done lately?

    Last of the true driver’s cars. Love it.
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    Parking brake pad replacement

    One parking brake pad separated from the pad body and has shifted a hair. Replacement pads run from $11 for a semi-metallic pad to $261 for a Ford part. Brembo pad substituting for the Ford part number is $50. Anyone with thoughts or a knowledgeable response to the cost variation? Will I have...
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    The Art of Racing in the Rain

    Good movie, better book. Bring tissues.
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    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    Never had it on the charger, which is still in original packaging. Two years plus now.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    A 4th of July car show in Flagstaff, AZ. Didn’t win best sport car, exotic, specialty, or people’s choice. When I was invited I said for display only, so the car did not have a number. Otherwise it’s just not fair (yeah I got those plaques last time).
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    So For Those Who Have Bought GTs Recently

    I was delighted to hear that my 105k mile car ran like other owners 10k cars. These cars are, or can be, rock solid. I’ve done recommended maintenance. Am hoping to see similar solid car with the new one.
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    What have you learned about your NGT today??

    Comfort mode, which I have never been able to discern any difference in ride, is disabled, a line crossed through it on the dash identical to cruise being off, at 92 mph and returns at 82.
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    Secondary market.

    J this kind of dog..... Go ahead, get in and take this car. My dog doesn’t bite. Too hard.
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    Secondary market.

    I guess mine is legally now available for sale. But since it’s the least valuable in the world with the highest mileage, and my dog has thrown up in it, not interested.
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    What have you done with your new Ford GT?

    I didn’t realize. The new one (way back in this picture) was so much smaller than the old one (front of the picture).
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    Minimum Garage Ceiling Height for a lift

    14 foot floor to ceiling. Tight but fits tall vehicles. The side door lift is awesome, quiet, fast, and so much more clearance.