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  • Cannot Pm you and you do not have an email address listed. Shoot me an email, interested in that blue one you mentioned.
    Hi Steve,

    There's one in Manitoba and a couple in Drumheller. About $160 CDN. I think the one in Manitoba is Dimitrios' car dbalageo@shaw.ca http://www.autotrader.ca/a/FORD/GT/Winnipeg/Manitoba/5_7655663_CT2003102412347615/?ms=pv I'm guessing only because I know he knows the dealer and I know he's a car nut. If you consider the GST you have to pay, as well as border issues, you might not be saving that much by going down south. There's also a Heritage (well, there WAS one) last week in Calgary for $185k. With just 200 miles on it!!! But I told a buddy in Arkansas about that one, and I don't see it listed anymore. You might also want to check with Kulu down in Calgary. Did you see the one Shelby's got listed? $129k for an allblack. And it'll have a full PPI, who better to do one?

    Hit me with an email as I'll get notification on my phone. 1superfly@gmail.com Hope you find a car for spring.


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