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    piloti shoes for less than $30 a pair

    Hey Mike.... you know what they say, big feet = big heart!! :-) This is the second time this outfit offered Piloti's, they have great deals on lots of stuff, especially if your into the outdoors....
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    Shadowman and his "Hot Buttons"

    The buttons are the perfect touch, Andrew and Shadowman's touch has impacted many of us in such a postive way!! Thanks gents!!
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    GT owner profiled for sounds other than exhaust

    Very sweet set up. Anyone notice the red dots are still on the FGT's tires. Atomic GT found a special ink stick for those folks that wish to maintain that new look.
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    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    The Forex issue of course comes into play. Obviously availability and with any previously owned machine the actual condition. Don't want to hijack a great build thread... :-) Want to see those new valve covers yesterday!! :=)
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    Robertson Racing Rocks

    As I wrote, I share Kyle's views. Enough said :)
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    Happy B-Day ChipBeck !!

    Have a great one Chip.... indeed, Happy Birthday!
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    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    Rules have changed and now USA cars can travel north:biggrin
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    Robertson Racing Rocks

    I agree with Kyle....
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    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    Following your posts very closely. Love those valve covers and waiting for more.... :-)
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    2006 Tungsten Ford GT - modifying

    Wonderful thread, very informative.... keep it up! :-)
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    Was Chevrolet trying to copy the GT40 back in 1968

    The USA test market for cell phones was Chicago, I had one in 1978, it had two antennas mounted on top of the trunk, and a box inside the trunk the size of a small suitcase. Every call over a minute was dropped three times or more.
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    New owner/board member

    Welcome and enjoy this bar.... Glad your on board.
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    Happy B-Day Ole Blu !!

    A very happy b-day and many more!! :)
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    I Got Jealous....

    Glad you got out for a ride, thanks for sharing the journey with us :-)
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    Extreme GT at PB SC Weekend

    shameful exhibition of speed on public roads.... tisk-tisk :-(