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    Best Bay area, California dealer for service, repair?

    Have a customer who needs some help with his GT. Who is best in the bay area for working on the GT? Thanks!

    You thought you had seen it all? We've only just started...

    Anyone have any info on this? My guess is every car can get this treatment and not going to be a HP increase to production cars made after a certain date? DuPont article

    I need a new Speedometer.

    Anyone know the price? I have emailed him a couple times through his site for a tach rebuild, never heard back. :cry:

    WTB Tungsten GT

    That car was in a accident which is why its priced in line with other cars with "storied" backgrounds.

    13th Annual Barrett-Jackson FGTF Dinner

    Unfortunately no, maybe next year though, haven't been there for a long time and I hear it's a blast. Have fun!

    13th Annual Barrett-Jackson FGTF Dinner

    If I'm not too late, my dad - Marv Rose - and wife would love to join. Thx

    GTX1 at auction

    We were all set on making a solid offer on it, then did a history check. Accidents hurt these cars bad. Its pretty cool in person and clean. It needs to be toned down a little on the interior and I wish the headlights and taillights werent tinted. The headlights being done so dark is a safety...

    Need smaller pulley for stock supercharger

    Ill reach out to them and see, Thx!

    Need smaller pulley for stock supercharger

    Amazing how you look exactly like Brad Pitt, much better though of course.

    Need smaller pulley for stock supercharger

    Seems like these are becoming hard to find like everything else in the GT world. Whipple doesnt have any, and I am not getting response or everywhere else doesnt have any. Anyone know of a place that I am overlooking? Looking for new. Thanks!

    Happy Birthday Vince H

    HBD Vince, hope you had a great day!

    Looking for a set of RED CALIPERS

    Put me second in line if the OP passes on that set.

    The Magic of Photoshop

    Cool progression, you have a talent w/ PS. The original photo was a great starting point.

    For my friends buried in snow.....

    Beautiful pair, when does the new NFGT get the #34 on the doors?