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    Standard wheels for sale

    Still available?
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    Good news, bad news.

    I'm two for two on applications, I received my rejection email yesterday. Pretty much the same feeling I had last time, in retrospect I'm not sure why I thought this go around might be different. I'm original owner of 5 SVT vehicles including 2- GT's, 25+ ford vehicles in collection and fleet...
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    New GT to non previous GT owners

    It's a '74 with pre L bumpers theme car named root beer, built by Gary Hall in '83 I believe. Low stance, gorgeous lines, carbureted and a gated shifter, I love it. I've owned it for about 25 years, although I haven' t driven it regularly for about 5 years. It still looks and sounds great. It...
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    New GT to non previous GT owners

    I had an application for the first and the second allocation. I'm happy for all the Forum members that were granted a new GT and I'm still hopeful I'll make the cut for the second allocation. As far as Ford vehicles I own 2- '05 GT's, Hall super Pantera, '69- 428 Mach 1, '66-GT350, '66 & 67...