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    Default Ford GT Transaxle (Freshly gone through)

    I have a take out transaxle that was just just taken apart and gone through. If you drive your car alot and or need or would like a fresh unit this would be perfect for you. All the syncros/gears were checked over. The ring/pinion and all the gears were mirco polished. We have a special tool we designed for the input shaft and run the transaxle through all its gears with an electric motor to verify it works. It's in a ford crate and ready to ship.
    I repaired a transaxle earlier this year for a forum member. He can verify that his trans works flawless after being taken apart and repaired. We also micro polished just his ring and pinion.

    It's about $200.00 to ship it anywhere in the u.s Fed ex freight.
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    That's a GREAT price! GLWS
    Go to to see some "cool" GT products!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nota4re View Post
    That's a GREAT price! GLWS
    thank you!

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    I have bad synchros in a trans I have in a crate. So they are repairable now?

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    If Dan cant help you try this supplier for new syncros:
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