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    Default 1965 Ford Mustang station wagon.

    Trying to see if anyone on here knows more about this car. I stopped into a place in Tennessee where an 80 yr old gentleman has a collection of model A and other fords. I never seen this car before and only after leaving and a quick search on google did I realize that this could be a very rare car.

    He said itís a 1965 Ford Mustang station wagon prototype.
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    If you buy the book ""Mustang by Design" - Gale Halderman and the Creation of Ford's Iconic Pony Car"", page 97 - 99 talk about the alternative designs and derivatives that the Studio proposed to Iacocca . Page 98 shows the Station Wagon rendering and the caption.." ..This was pitched to Iacocca , and he quickly and profoundly rejected the concept...." per Gale.
    On that same page (98), it shows a picture of a red mustang station wagon "as shown on the Streets of Spain." The front 3/4 and rear 3/4 view of the actual car look very much like your pics above.. same design , color, b-pillar, c-pillar, rear side glass etc ... but no roof rack and gold racing stripes .
    maybe it was eventually imported.

    Rare -- maybe . . Ugly-- for sure.

    andy (ajb)

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    theres a blue one in minnesota..

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    btw is it for sale?

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