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    Quote Originally Posted by timcantwell View Post
    I am currently having my NGT covered this week with Xpel. I have debated, researched and discussed this subject with numerous detailing and auto finishing experts. First, DON'T ceramic coat the car first prior to film installation. It is tough to bond the film to the paint, plus why add a protective coating to something that will have a thick protective film coating? You can, as FIKSE GT did put ceramic coating on top of the Xpel. However, as far as I am concerned many detailing experts have advised me against this as the thickness of the ceramic coating is such that it is a superb coating for your daily driver that is subject to rain, birds, multiple car washings, etc., etc. The detailers who know my exotic cars well have advised me not to waste my money on application over the Xpel. After much research, my plan is to use a product by GYEON - Gyon WetCoat from Autogeek. WetCoat is a highly hydrophobic (high water beading) product that is basically a spray/detailing mist. You spray it on and wipe it off with a clean microfiber towel. It repels all dirt, water, bird poop, etc. and can be re-applied after every wash (even though it lasts many washes). It is easy to use and you don't have to be like The Karate Kid (Wipe on Wipe off). Just spray the film for a nice shine and highly protective finish. Call me cheap, but I am trying this method first, as it works with my other cars very, very well.
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