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    Thank you guys so much for all of the compliments. Sorry for the delayed responses but I will address questions in the order that they were posted.

    This system is using the stock exhaust manifolds. We have not seen any power gains from the short tube headers and the slip fit merge collectors have, in some cases, allowed enough exhaust to escape to slow down boost response.

    We stuck with the stock air box for a number of reasons. It is a nice looking, functional and non power robbing piece. We have experimented with other variations of air filtration systems and not seen any measurable gains at the 1,000 wheel horsepower mark.

    This system would not pass California emissions.

    All hot parts of this system are significantly farther away from the clamshell and clamshell louvers than the stock exhaust so there are no additional measures that need to be taken to protect them in this case. However, we are in the process of machining some billet aluminum clamshell vents for those that are experiencing cracking caused by heat.

    Indeed we could have saved a few ounces and many hours of welding on this build had we made some of the piping out of aluminum but felt that the aluminum tubing would not have fit well with the titanium theme that the customer asked us for.

    At this time I have no plans to build titanium headers. If we were to use exotic materials for headers I feel that inconel would be a better way to go.

    I will have to look around for pictures of the twin turbo system being used in conjunction with the stock supercharger. When we have done this in the past we have made a larger diameter supercharger pulley to slow the supercharger down a bit. It ends up costing about 50 horsepower in the upper RPM range but provides hundreds of lb. ft. of additional torque in lower RPM's. I will post some more details on this when I find them. It has been quite a few years since we have done this.

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    Thanks Jason

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    Nicely done Jason. Itís great to see your enthusiasm continues in your quest for excellence! Didnít see you at Smith Falls last weekend.
    Oliviey did 217 mph with your lambo creation in the standing half mile.
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    Try Burns Stainless double-slip joints. They don't leak and it's what a lot of top drag and road race teams use with turbos.

    Given the amount of Ti intake plumbing, you'd save POUNDS, not "ounces" going to Al. I get the theme reasoning though. I'm glad to see you keep the stock airbox and not an open element filter that would suck in hot air.

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    Stuntman- as Jason indicated there is little if any advantage to running tubular headers (short as they may be) over the stock OE cast manifolds. This has been discussed, measured and verified a number of times here on our Forum. Ford really did give the engine free flowing exhaust areas in the OE manifolds. Other than for looks, really no reason to over complicate.

    Jason another beautiful, well engineered project of exceptional caliper. Congratulations on your latest project! They are always spectacular! Keep making them.

    I could not agree more with w. mittyís commentsÖ..

    Quote Originally Posted by w. mitty View Post
    Jason, I don't know which I like best; looking at the incredible quality of your work, or driving the incredible result of your work. True story: I went out to Cape Canaveral to run at an ultra-high speed event. When I arrived in my Heffner TT, the staff of the operation looked at my car and made the following comment, "We have a lot of guys show up here with custom cars and a lot of bragging about how fast they will go. They never seem to go as fast as they think they will. However, when one of Jason's cars shows up, the BS stops. His cars always perform." At the end of the day, I had the highest top speed BY FAR at 230. No hiccups, no nonsense, no drama. Since then, I have attended three high speed events for charity, and Jason's work dominated each event. At the last one, the GT also took home the crowd favorite award, competing against the usual suspects, including Porsche 918, Aventador, 720S, etc.

    The proof is in the pudding, boys, and Jason absolutely delivers. So happy I own a GT. So happy Jason worked his magic on it. Life is good.
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