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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe Dozzo View Post
    I'm not so sure the price is out of line...

    Obviously it's whatever the market will bear. And with so many of the lucky NFGT owners swearing they'll never sell, the pool of available cars is likely to remain small (relative to the 7000+ people who entered the first draw) and prices high.

    Great if you own one, not so hot if you want one...

    I hear ya, but I think $2mm is all hype and bragging rights for the short term. There are too many examples of new "instant collector" cars coming out recently, all with production around 1000 units. They are 2-3x MSRP for a year, as inventory grows and the hype dies, the asking prices drop. Granted, I think this car is more special than all those others, like Mclaren P1, GT3RS, 911R, 918, etc, but $2mm I dont see as anywhere near sustainable. I think $650-750K is realistic in 3 years, barring another recession. In the latter case I'd say MSRP or worse. Also I'd guess more than half those 7000 apps were playing the lotto game hoping to flip for profit. Another example, which I think bears closest resemblance to this car, is the F40. Granted, its 3x MSRP 25 years later (not a good return fwiw). But after the initial hype you could get one for MSRP for years. And that was and still is one of the ultimate Ferraris and supercars.

    Cars always end up changing hands over time, there will be inventory. People lose interest, die, divorce, lose jobs, something else excites them, etc. Eventually there is a float of cars out there, at least 1-2%. With that math we should have 10-20 cars for sale at any given time in the future. 1000 is rare, but its enough where I think anyone willing to be patient will have their chance to own one well below $1mm. God willing, I'll be one of them.

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    I agree with Ajay the resale will be lower than normal but 2M seems a little aggressive.
    Time will tell.
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