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    Default Ford GT Heritage Photoshoot

    NOTE - THIS HAS ALREADY BEEN POSTED IN THE 2017+ GT THREAD; however, this is for charity so wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to see it.

    So this has been posted on the forum before as far as the time lapse video of the day. However, here is the behind the scenes story.

    Every August there is a car show in Carmel, Indiana ( - BigInch and I have been regular participants when a rally does not conflict with the date. Classic Auto is a sponsor as well. Each year we try to decide on a theme and our executive board decided to celebrate Ford Performance for this year's show. We have a great relationship with Ganassi Racing and with that we started looking into the possibility of doing a photo shoot at their race shop. The plan then was to get every generation GT together (street/race car). The Indianapolis Motor Speedway loaned out their 60's era race car for the day, a local collector brought his 60's era street car, another local collector offered to bring his 05 GT, a local owner lent his 17 GT for the day, and the kind folks at Ganassi allowed us to use a current Race Car.

    Click this link for some behind the scenes shots -

    In the process we brought in Anthony Ross Tyler ( who has done some work for some guys before that are on the shows executive board. He does some really awesome shots! It was a lot of work getting things aligned right to get that perfect shot. Really turned out great! So the point behind the photo shoot was to offer a limited print with the proceeds going to charity. If you click the link below you can read more about the charity and you can also look at buying one of the prints.

    The plan is for all of these GT's to be on display for the Friday night event (Fuelicious at the Lucas Oil Estate) and then on Saturday in downtown Carmel for Artomobilia. On Sunday we have a new event called Shift and it will be very similar to the rally drives. So we would love to have any GT owners that would like to be a part of the weekend.
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