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Thread: NGT Oil Change

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    It was STRONGLY recommended to leave this panel in place. It is very thin. You can feel how thin it is just on the edges. If I ever have to take it off, Ill build a support jig on a transmission jack (or something like that). Hopefully I wont ever need to

    Quote Originally Posted by THamonGT View Post
    the center panel is very thin and could possible be damaged if removed.

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    The Ford GT guys do like to eat...So saying the mid section is very thin might be a misnomer ;)
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    Quote Originally Posted by cobra498 View Post
    Why did you decide not to do under car panels?
    I did an extensive survey of my 2006 car. Really comparing and visualizing what were Rock prone damage areas. The reality is rocks are not going to get too far back on the new GT.. For me I didn't feel it was necessary.

    Everyone has a different Comfort level on protection and I'm not saying not to do it.. I just didn't feel it was necessary.
    The biggest areas for concerns on the new GTs are the rock thrown paths from the tires. Super sticky tires throw rocks with authority!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Sims View Post
    Don't all the lower panels need to be removed for clear film install? I believe that's what the photo was from.


    PS I'm flying Stormcat out to NorCal to do my oil change when I get the new GT!
    Fortunately for me, my NGT May be in South Florida long enough to visit Stormcat for technical assistance.
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    Thank you STORMCAT,

    I agree with your decision ,I am not as particular about the bottom panels as some might be. I can certainly see why it is needed on the painted surfaces as well as the screens. I assume you don't run screens on the track, have you experienced any damage?

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    [QUOTE=cobra498;473627....I assume you don't run screens on the track, have you experienced any damage?[/QUOTE]

    There is still sufficient air flow so I would run them on the track.

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