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    Default I found rust on my GT

    Sounds crazy right?

    On the way home from my last charity event I encountered heavy rain.
    I had to keep going and the end result was this

    Not a pretty sight, but when winter comes I plan to take remove the hubs and give them a good clean.

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    Willing to share the spec of your car (if you haven't already)? Would love to see it. Derp. Nevermind.

    Seems that every vehicle I've ever owned had steel parts with zero surface finish. I'm sure there is a reason, but it's frustrating. That bare steel was going to rust no matter what.
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    No big deal. It’s very common and benign.

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    I find this is mostly an American phenomenon. Seems the European cars are more likely to be treated - cadmium or some other such surface treatment. Look at an old Mercedes vs a brand new F150 on the lot. Always amazes me. That being said my 2005 GT seems very rust free despite living near the ocean in FL its whole life.

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