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    Kayvan, you're missing the context. If the clutch fluid is so bad that it's boiling or turned to goo, yeah that will make a difference in clutch feel. If the fluid is merely okay or better, it won't make any difference in the operation of the clutch.

    The main reason clutch fluid is not "for the lifetime of the car" is to prevent internal corrosion of components due to hygroscopicity. You change the clutch (and brake) fluid to get rid of moisture contamination that builds up over time. But changing the fluid 20 times in a few years makes zero difference in clutch operation.

    It also makes zero difference in how long a clutch pressure plate and disc lasts. Longevity of those parts depends only on how the clutch is used, or abused.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadaGT View Post
    Check the color of your clutch fluid, my guess it is black, which indicates brake down of the fluid. I use penzoil Dot 4 synthetic and it keeps the clutch pedal light in feel and the fluid is not contaminated by heat and releases properly. Dirty clutch fluid makes for a lazy clutch. FYI I drive the shit outa my car after it is warmed up. Other GT guys will attest to this issue. Just my opinion

    I just changed my hydraulic clutch fluid a couple of days ago, and asked Rich (GTGuy) for his current recommendation, and he told me to use Motorcraft 5.1 brake fluid. Iím sure there are several good choices out there, but just an FYI.

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