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    Default Celebrating the life of Buzz Marcus

    Today we said a final goodbye to our friend, the legendary racer and car enthusiast Buzz Marcus. So many wonderful stories were shared by people from all walks of life about their experiences with Buzz. If you had a passion for cars, Buzz was your friend for life. A few members were fortunate enough to hang out with him at UMC during Rally 12. If you donít know him, do a google search on his name and Iím sure you will find interesting stories about Buzz you can relate to. In the picture below is Derek Bell, Special K, Stormy, and Larry Coe

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    Stormy with long pants on... what the hell?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Awsum GT View Post
    Stormy with long pants on... what the hell?
    I think they are rentals...

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    After hearing stories about his life from his friends and family I'm only sad that I didn't know him longer.

    There were some other prominent well-known Racers there but how cool is that when Derek Bell attends your final podium ceremony. .. Buzz's wife told us she placed a helmet in his casket. His casket was draped with a checkered flag! How fitting is that. ..

    Derek Bell came over to Larry's place and told us some cool stories about racing at LeMans..
    I own one pair of black pants and it took about 2 hours to get the wrinkles out of them.... Feeling overdressed and out of place in pants I wore some driving shoes to the ceremony in his honor...

    Buzz raced with the # 74 on his car and they made up some commemorative stickers which we are all holding..

    God Speed Buzz..!! you are one of a kind! !!..
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