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Thread: 991.2 GT3 RS

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    Some more info on that Nurburgring run from the Porsche Club E-Brake News. Note the importance of the tires:

    "Which brings us to a stunning revelation: How did the new GT3 RS, with just 20 more horsepower than the its 2016 model, usurp its predecessor by 24 seconds around the 12.8-mile track? Estre has some insight (emphasis mine): “Through the fast corners and on the brakes in particular, the GT3 RS is unbelievably close to our racing car GT3 R. This is also thanks to the new generation of tires for road going sports cars.”

    No doubt Porsche has learned much outside tire development since 2016. Vice President of Motorsport and GT Cars Frank Steffen Walliser says as much: “Many innovative ideas from top-level motorsport were transferred; for example, from the 911 GT3 R. This is what our philosophy for GT models is about: Highest technology must be fascinating but tangible.” But knowing that the new RS set its sub-seven-minute lap time on Michelin’s forthcoming Pilot Sport Cup 2 R tires is a clue as to how the massive drop in lap time was achieved. It seems, once again, tire technology has played outsized role in the development of one of Porsche’s fastest sports cars.

    Too bad we can't get these tires for our 05-06 cars!
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    So there is a "Pilot Sport Cup 2 R" that is even softer than the tires on the NFGT?
    If yes, will it be avalible in sizes for our cars?
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