The St. Regis at Deer Valley
2300 Deer Valley Dr E
Park City, UT 84060

The above is the technical address of the hotel. If you input it into a GPS, it will take you to the front side through Park City, and from there the hotel is only accessible to residents of the community. This will require you to park in the large public Deer Valley resort lots and take the funicular up to the hotel. In order to actually access the hotel with your Ford GT, you must enter the gated community from the back side of the mountain. There is no alternate address that will lead you that way.

From I-80 East:
- Take Exit #146, Heber/Vernal/US-40 East
- Merge onto Heber City/US-40 East
- Take Exit #8 – Mayflower Exit
- Turn right at exit
- Turn Right again – heading towards Deer Crest
- Continue straight until you reach the Deer Crest Gatehouse. State your name to confirm that you are a guest at
the hotel.
- Once through gate, continue to go straight and then at the stop sign, turn left to Deer Crest Estates Drive
- Hotel will be on the right.proceed to circular drive.

That's an overkill explainer. Boiled down, take Exit 8 on US-40 and go up the hill, through the gate house to the hotel. If you go to the front side, it's a long way out of the way to get back to the freeway and up the back side of the mountain, so please be sure you're not just following a GPS to the hotel address. We have 75 spaces reserved in the parking garage and can fit a few in the front.

Large view - https://c1.staticflickr.com/5/4402/3...6dfe655d_o.jpg

Utah Motorsports Campus

The address to Utah Motorsports Campus is:

512 Sheep Lane
Tooele, UT 84074

It is an easy but not insignificant drive between the hotel and Tooele. To be sure you are at the track, ready to be IN the driver's meeting at 7:30, you need to give yourself a dead minimum of 1 hour between the two. It's only about 67 miles, and the interstate is 75 miles per hour, but there could be some A.M traffic and you will need time to sign in at the gate at UMC, get parked, get out of your car and up into the classroom for the A.M meeting. If you miss the meeting, we will do a secondary meeting at lunch, but no meeting = no track. You've been warned!


Just a note on attire. Attire for the event is always casual generally, but the hotel is very nice so Wednesday night reception and Saturday night dinner you may want to dress nicer. More importantly, the hotel is at 7800 ft above sea level though, at times we will be getting over 9,000 feet on some of the road drives, and other times we will be near 4,000 ft. Basically, you're going to need to account for it being both hot and cold during the course of the event.


See the above. Hotel made mention to me that out of towners can take a couple days to acclimate to the altitude, so be careful adding alcoholic beverages. If you're already being affected by the altitude coming from sea level, it can be painful combination the next day, and not a good combo with fast expensive cars. I know the first time I stayed down the road at Stein Eriksen, I woke up light headed in the middle of the night the first night.

On the same front, please make sure you remain hydrated, especially at the track.

I will add more as we get closer to the event.

Road Driving

This year is all about getting these cars out on the road, in the mountains, through the canyons, enjoying the scenic beauty Utah has to offer and the fun of driving in a group of Ford GTs. Please respect fellow drivers on the roads. Be mindful of the small communities we pass through. In some of the areas we'll be driving, it won't be uncommon to get stuck behind slow moving traffic; only pass in passing zones.

Be aware that we will be passing through areas that will be open range. Those signs are not kidding. You will pass cows, and if those cows get the urge, they may cross the road directly in front of you. I came around a corner on the pre-run trip and a giant black cow was just chillin in the middle of the road. The same areas will include cattle guards, which are marked, so be prepared to slow for those.