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    Just expressing an opinion, had nothing to do with how good Rich and Denis are. Didn't realize I had to check with you.

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    When it came time to replace my GT, I had located one at a Ford dealership. The owner of the dealership wasn't the original owner, it was Alan Jackson's car. I had Rich fly out to inspect the car, and he found many "problems", problems that could be fixed (just parts and $), and the dealer/owner was just blown away by what Rich knew and found. He wouldn't budge on the price, but did provide his cost for all the parts, and I enjoyed the car as is, for the summer (Rich told me it was safe to do so), and then shipped it out to them, to do all the work. All 4 shocks were leaking, the power steering pump was leaking, the A/C compressor was leaking, struts for the clamshell were shot. I wanted a pulley/tune, lowered, short shift, a few other "items" needed attention. I got the car back and have enjoyed it, putting another 8,000 miles on top of the 3,000 it had when I bought it. I was fortunate to be able to attend Carlisle in 2015, and since I had Rich replace the gages (all mine were working, but we know what happens), and Rich had installed the Speed Huts. There was an issue, as the lights on the gages weren't problem, he fixed it at Carlisle, had the oil changed, and he checked out the car again. Ran great. I've been waiting for another GT Guys at the Barn, but, unfortunately, it wasn't happening in 2016, and I had a some "issues". I called Rich, he calmed me down (the car wasn't making power, couldn't go over 3,500RPM), he suggested it could be just the plugs........what did Rich do, sent me new plugs. Since it needed some attention (oil change, plugs and a few other minor things), there's a shop nearby in Stamford CT, that works on all the "Italians", but also a few GT's. I brought the car to them, and yes, they got the work done, car runs great (or did when I put it up for the winter), and Rich had diagnosed it "remotely". What I'm saying is simply, when given the choice, Rich and Denis are my #1, but there are other competent choices.
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    Quote Originally Posted by surferdude101 View Post
    Good words to live by. Can you break down what you do on an inspection?
    Without your location we have no idea where you are located ,, there is a wonderful GT center in the UK run by David Jones.. goes by GT 101 here. He can save you a lot of time.. .
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