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    Very cool ! I never get sick of the bat cave!
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    Quote Originally Posted by FourFather View Post
    Thanks for the post and the message that Darrell wants to talk. I'll get in touch with him.

    He and I had a great relationship, and lots of good races between us.

    One story is the "First in the Fours" weekend at the Texas Motorplex.

    Darrell was directly in front of me in the staging lanes, in the qualifying session where a lot of us thought the first four might happen. Quite a few folks, (me included), knew that he had an excellent chance to be first in the fours. You would probably have a hard time believing just how badly all of us in top fuel, especially me, wanted that first four, and watching Darrell fire up in front of me was gut wrenching. At that time, a practice leave/launch after the burnout, and before the actual run, was legal and allowed, and we called that a dry hop. They had his car set on "kill", naturally, but they had a tad too much initial clutch tuned in, and he smoked the tires at the throttle hit. His dad Jerry just shut him off on the line and they pulled back to the pits.

    Then it was my turn, and I had Gene Snow in the other lane. Gene also had an excellent chance at the first four, and no one knew that better than I did. My fire up, burnout, back up, pre-stage and finally stage, seemed to me to go in super slow motion, like it took five times longer than it did in real time. Gene had a bit too much initial clutch and smoked the tires right away and shut off. My Nuclear Banana felt perfect through 60 feet, then quarter track, still perfect at the eighth mile, then just before the 1000 foot mark, I pushed the "magic button" on the steering wheel, and she just kept on pulling to the finish line. Gene in the other lane rolled through slow enough to read my 4.990 and 288.55.

    I have led an incredibly blessed life so far, but that day and that feeling is right at the top of my all time best feelings, thank you Lord!

    And it feels almost that good again, just remembering and telling about it.

    Again thanks for passing me the word.

    Eddie FourFather Hill
    Hey Eddie, Thanks for the post, great stuff !! I know Darrell would love to hear from you !! Best regards, Brian
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