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    Hope the insurance companies can't get in to check speed or we will all be cancelled. Also going to be interesting on insurance rate and how they will be established for replacement cost or amount need for stated value.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brombear View Post
    Can this be switched off ? Car companies are quite new to IT and security in a car and I haven't heard of any that has not been broken yet. Especially for such an expensive car, it would be great to keep the script kiddies out.
    Just never register. Gotta login to the system, create an account, validate the vehicle on the phone and the user in the vehicle, etc, etc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChipBeck View Post

    When Charley graduated from high school and was accepted at Texas A&M I let him order a brand new Mustang to take to college. When it arrived and we were picking it up he told me his new ride had SYNC. I couldn't really see the need for that but I didn't want to seem negative so I replied, "Well I suppose that's great if you need to wash your hands or do some dishes on the road".


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    Dave You are a lucky man!! Will there still be a Heritage available in the fall and can I afford it if Multimatic delivers the GT4?
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    I am F'ng speechless...
    Ever tried to load this post and all the pics off a Bahamian cell phone connection? Took me over an hour, probably spent $1K in data charges. Worth every penny. Oh baby, I can't wait!
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