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    Long-timers here may remember me. I'm the guy that did a free website that tracked selling prices of new Ford GTs in 2005 and 2006, and I was one of the VERY few people who correctly predicted that the initially-inflated selling prices would drop to MSRP. And they did.

    Here's a link to archived pdfs of most of the old site.

    I was a pretty smart dude- 100% right when almost everyone else was wrong.

    My site was quoted in Car and Driver, Sports Car Market, and Autocar in the UK. Jalopnik even featured an audio interview detailing my site and how my predictions had become reality. I guess it was my 15 minutes of micro-fame in the car enthusiast world.


    One final question in that interview was: "Do you think that Ford GT's will appreciate in the future?"

    My answer was short and definitive: "No. I don't see any way the cars will appreciate."

    And that prediction, as you all know, was 100% wrong.

    Here now, for your amusement, are the top five reasons I was TOTALLY wrong about the resale market for Ford GTs:

    Number Five:

    Ford GT buyers are not like a lot of Corvette or Viper owners. A lot of those cars are purchased by folks who are stretching financially to buy their dream car. At $160K or more, most Ford GT owners are probably less likely to end up in a position where they have to sell their car.

    What's more, more than a few GT owners find it necessary to have more than one! I don't know of any other car that has earned such a following.

    Number Four:

    The Ford GT was seriously overdesigned. Unlike most exotics, the GT's engine can easily be modified to add many hundred horsepower, without the engine or tranny disintegrating.

    Number Three:

    A few very smart dealers, with Shelby's Elite being the best example, cultivated a premium resale marketplace, where demand exceeded supply.

    Number Two:

    The Ford GT was a once-in-a-lifetime car, with no successor. (Recent rumors indicate this may change- we'll see!)


    I'm not as smart as I thought!


    The rest of the story:

    The bad news: I bought a new 2006 GT, but sold it less than a year later, losing a bit on the sale.

    The good news: I put that money in Apple stock, and still have it. (So maybe I'm not totally dumb!)


    Paul Allen
    Cincinnati Ohio
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