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    Women say they don't understand why guys buy yellow sports cars. They've said they know the guys are out to impress them, though they are not attracted to yellow cars at all.......................which I find surprising.

    After hearing this for the first time, several other women I have asked said the same thing.

    Personally, I really dig the Fly Yellow color.

    I'm just sayin'.
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    Default At least not in THAT yellow. (And most likely in NO yellow as far as a Gen 5 is concerned.)

    The lines on some cars just don't look good in certain colors...and vice versa. This is one car/color combo that falls into that category IMO.

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    I thought the bumble bee scheme looked good on the first gen GTS. If I can find a Boss this year it will not be School Bus Yellow though.

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    Pussy-magnet yellow is well documented

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    I like it
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