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    Default "Whipple" Ultra grip pulley's (no more belt chirp)

    We now have our patented Ultra Grip Pulley’s available to offer to our forum members for the Whipple super chargers or the stock OEM Eaton super chargers. For those of you that have a Whipple on their cars and have belt chirping as well as belt wear we now have the answer that you have been looking for. These Ultra grip pulley's have been around for a long time now with most of the customers coming from the Ford Mustang family (For years Lethal Performance has sold hundreds of these pulleys that were installed on Mustangs with rave reviews). Attached you will see a dyno test with a OEM pulley and the Ultra Grip of the same diameter on a super charged Ford Mustang and notice with the OEM style the humps and peaks due to belt slippage then the after with the Ultra Grip a very smooth more linear dyno graph. My machinist has engraved (“FORD GT”) around the face of the pulley as an added feature for our forum community. Shadowman has just installed the prototype on Ed Simms car and they are both very happy with the results from the pulley. These pulley's will come in raw billet form and made from Virgin 6061 T65 Aluminum and will be sold in a variety of sizes (3.25 & 3.50 for the 3.4 liter) and (3.75 & 4.0 for the 4.0 liter). If anyone would like a specific size not listed please contact me.

    The Ultra Grip pulley was designed to reduce belt slippage in 4 manners.

    It has a tighter tolerance "V" groove to better grab the belt
    It has a flatter tooth as to not go beyond the gripping area and giving the belt a lager surface area to grab
    It has a slot that creates a vacuum that keeps the belt from hydroplaning
    It has a positive edge to grip the belt better
    I has a opposite edge to keep from tearing a belt

    For those of you that are interested the pulley will cost $240 plus $15 shipping and handling.

    Here is the feedback from Shadowman on Ed Simms car.

    Whipple list:
    1. Shadowman 3.625 PD/Shipped
    2. Shadowman 2-3.500 PD/shipped
    3. 2112 3.500 PD/shipped
    4. jaxgt PD/shipped
    5. CJ428 3.25 PD/shipped
    6. GTFUN 3.500 PD/shipped
    7. HeritageBruce 3.500 PD/shipped
    8. Lorenzo 3.500 PD/shipped

    Eaton list:
    1. Kingman OEM stock PD/Shipped
    2. DanQ
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    I am in.

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    Wow. That looks great!
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    Want one
    Gen 2 Whipple, 3.5 inch pulley !
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    Darm ... my hands......

    Yes the pulley is wonderful on many levels

    Takes care

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    Looks nice... can you guys explain this:

    It has a positive edge to grip the belt better
    I has a opposite edge to keep from tearing a belt
    I'm sure it makes sense to the engineers but I'm just a rocket scientist.
    I'm Just Say'n!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fubar View Post
    Looks nice... can you guys explain this:

    I'm sure it makes sense to the engineers but I'm just a rocket scientist.
    It is not an increased grip as in tearing action but rather it is the lack of air pressure between the belt and the pulley that insures a constant and consistent grip; the slots that you see insure that no pressure can build up.

    They work and very well

    Takes care

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    I'm in for an OEM version please.
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    I'll need one of those.

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    I'm interested in a mild one for the stock eaton charger.
    Quote Originally Posted by zrchris View Post
    Brand dia PSI
    1. stock = 3.307 = 12.50
    2. Roush = 3.150 = 13.13
    3. Metco = 3.000 = 13.78
    4. FRPP = 2.884 = 14.33
    5. Whipple = 2.870 = 14.40
    6. Metco = 2.800 = 14.76
    7. Hefner = 2.750 = 15.03
    8. Whipple = 2.700 = 15.31
    From that thread I think that means I'm looking for a 2.884" or 2.870". Want to stay with stock belt. Do you have that size?

    PM is Ok
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