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    One of my best friends for over a quarter of a century now may just be America's oldest warrior. I met Hershel Davis at the Gunsite firearms training facility in Paulden, Arizona. The United States Navy SEALs sent many of their members there for specialized firearms training, Hershel among them. He was the Senior Command Master Chief SEAL in the entire United States Navy (#8 in the entire U.S. Navy), when he was forced into retirement at the age of 52 with 34 years of service, first as a Frog Man (before the SEALS existed), and was one of the original SEALS. During those 34 years Hershel earned two Purple Hearts, had two of his fingers shot off and took a bullet through the abdomen in a close quarters exchange in Vietnam where he dispatched his assailant. Two years later he was severely wounded by an exploding land mine. Each time, as soon as he was out of hospital, he returned to the fight. If you ever have a chance to watch the Discovery Channels special on the United States Navy SEALs you'll see Hershel on-screen narrating a good part of the show. After 9/11, and miserable as a civilian, Hershel did everything he could get back into the Navy at the age of 60 to go fight. No dice. Still in amazing physical shape, able to swim miles, run all day, and with his firearms skills still razor-sharp having been an instructor at several firearms training facilities, he did the next best thing. He went to work for the Blackwater Security Agency and spent over three years in Afghanistan guarding America's Predator aircraft bases. Within months Herschel was placed in charge of all Blackwater soldiers at the base where he was stationed. He was over 20 years the senior of the next oldest man in his unit. Today Herschel is 67, still in incredible shape, now the chief of personnel at Blackwater, and still fighting for his beloved United States. He was in Scottsdale last week and went to dinner with Charley and myself.

    We had a great time as we always do, but the reason for my post is the T-shirt Herschel was wearing that night. I liked it so much, that after dinner, I convinced him to take it off and trade for the shirt I was wearing. Hershel designed the shirt himself and had some made up that he gave out to friends and fellow Blackwater employees. Below is a picture of it. I told him to make 300 of them up for me in various sizes, gave him a check, and will be selling them for $25 in my store. All proceeds over and above my cost to have them made and shipped (about $14) will be donated to the "United States Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation" that provides college scholarships for children of military personnel or law enforcement officers killed in combat / the line of duty.

    It is rumored that I am not the only politically incorrect member of this Forum. Perhaps some of my fellow Infidels would like one. Those members attending the Scottsdale Rally to the Rally can purchase one here. Others can send me a PM. The front of the shirt shows the Grim Reaper on a Harley Davidson. The back of the shirt speaks for itself. I do not suggest wearing one of these during your next trip to Saudi Arabia. What you think?

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    Put me in for 2 (xl) please. Nice challenge coin too!!

    Chip thanks for sharing the great story of a true American hero.
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    I'll take two in XL as well.

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