STEP 1: Customer Ford GT SELLING Dealership Selection / Engagement

Approved customers reserve the right to purchase their Ford GT from the eligible SELLING dealer of their choice and may change their SELLING dealer at any time prior to order submission o The Concierge will support customers in selecting an eligible SELLING dealer as needed

to ensure customer satisfaction
Customers may engage an eligible SELLING dealer at any time in the process, however the

pairing is not established until the SELLING dealer is notified by the concierge prior to the

customer’s ordering window

o Selected SELLING dealers will be notified by the Concierge and sent informational kits illustrating the entire process, including specific roles and responsibilities

o Once engaged, SELLING dealers will be included in all communications with customers unless otherwise directed by the customer

o SELLING dealers should not collect deposits until the Concierge instructs them to do so o Eligible SELLING dealers will only be engaged by the Concierge if selected by a


STEP 2: Customer Ordering Experience

  •  The Concierge will schedule a personalized ordering appointment with customers and send them an ordering kit in advance of the opening of their ordering window
  •  Customers may request dealer inclusion in their Concierge-led ordering appointment
  •  All Ford GT orders will be collected, managed (i.e. changes) and entered into CONCEPS by the


o Orders will be rebilled to SELLING dealers after the final orders are submitted to the plant

negating the need to publish the Ford GT order guide or price list
The Concierge will generate an invoice to initiate the transaction process through the SELLING


STEP 3: Transaction

  •  All vehicle-related monetary transactions will be conducted through the customer’s SELLING dealer after the order has been received by the Concierge
  •  The Concierge or the customer will provide the SELLING dealer the invoice so the two parties can agree on final terms, including a selling price

o Note: Ford strongly recommends dealers sell Ford GTs to customers at the MSRP
The SELLING dealer is required to submit proof of deposit (minimum of 50% of the agreed upon price) and signed purchase contract to the Concierge prior to the end of the customer’s ordering

o If confirmation is not received, the order will not be submitted to plant and the customer’s

build date may be reassigned and purchase eligibility forfeited

2014 Template

After the order is placed, the customer and SELLING dealer may finalize the transaction at any pointpriortothevehiclebuilddate. Proofoffinalpaymentisrequiredbeforethevehiclecanbe shipped / delivered

STEP 4: Delivery Event

  •  Each Ford GT delivery will be a custom experience defined by the customer (i.e. location, duration activities, attendance, PDI level, etc.)
  •  The Concierge will work with the customer, SELLING dealer, factory and transport company to coordinate all customer agreed upon aspects of the delivery event
  •  Each Ford GT delivery will be facilitated by a dedicated Ford GT delivery specialist who will coordinate all aspects of the onsite customer delivery

o The Ford GT delivery specialist will be highly trained and be capable of presenting the vehiclesin 1-on-1settings(includingdrivinginstruction)andlargerscaleevents

Vehicle delivery to the SELLING or Drop-ship dealership location will be recommended, however customer requests for vehicle deliveries to feasible alternate locations will be honored (i.e. home, private garage, local track)

o Vehicles will undergo a thorough pre-delivery inspection at the plant and will be shipped directly to the delivery location (in-truck inspections can be conducted in-market prior to delivery)

  •  The level of involvement of the SELLING dealer in the delivery event will be at the discretion of the customer, however a dealer representative MUST be present at every delivery to conduct a vehicle transport damage inspection and other supporting activities in order to receive the dealer payment
  •  In the event of customer delivery appointment cancelation by the customer, the SELLING dealer may be required to receive and store the vehicle for a short period of time until the customer is available to take delivery of their car (Concierge will support)